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House Cleaning

You work hard. You’re busy. And your time is much better spent on other matters than cleaning. But you still need a clean home to come back to. Moma understands. And she’s been trusted by loyal clients for over 25 years to look after their homes and keep things in tip-top shape.
She’ll personalize a regularly-scheduled cleaning plan to keep your home the way you want it. It’s our job to make your life easier. Depending on how much activity your home sees, our weekly and biweekly services may be the best solution for you. They’ll give you more free time in your busy schedule while reducing germs, allergens, and odors in your home.
House Cleaning Services includes:

  • Sweeping & Vacuuming Floors
  • Dusting & Polishing Furniture
  • Cleaning TV Screens & Mirrors
  • Cleaning & Disinfecting Bathrooms
  • Cleaning & Disinfecting Kitchens
  • Cleaning Appliance Surfaces
  • Washing Kitchen & Bathroom Floors
  • Cleaning Counters and Back-splashes
  • Trash removal
  • Dusting Windowsills & Baseboards
  • Upholstery Vacuuming
  • Linen Change / Bed-making

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Organizational Cleaning

Reduce Clutter and Find More Space in Your Home

Organizing your home can help clear your mind, and help you to feel renewed. There is something about the process of sorting, tossing, and cleaning that brings peace and reduces stress. Making room in drawers and shelves helps clear your mind, also.

Decluttering projects can help you reduce the time spent looking for misplaced items such as your keys, or sunglasses. It can also make you feel as though you own a larger home. Unfortunately, organizing can be tough to start on your own, and feel like an overwhelming amount of work.

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Organization Cleaning

Moving In / Out


You’ve packed the boxes, and loaded the moving truck. It took longer than you’d planned and you don’t have time to leave the home ready for someone else to move in. That’s a problem if it could mean losing a security deposit. Because many apartment and house contracts require the residence be left much better than merely “broom clean.” There’s an easy fix - call Moma!

Or maybe you’re a new homeowner. Who doesn’t want a fresh start? A thorough move-in cleaning would give you peace of mind knowing that your new living space has been scrubbed and disinfected from top to bottom. Let us help you with a move-in cleaning before you unload and unpack your things. We will leave your new home germ- and dust-free, and smelling the way you want.

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Exterior Cleaning Services

It’s Not Just Indoors that Leave an Impression

The first thing that guests see when they visit is your home from the outside. So why wouldn’t the exterior of your house make a difference, too? Moma’s Cleaning Services can also power-wash the outside of your house.

Remove built-up dirt, sediment, and other debris by power washing your deck, siding, and driveway. It will reduce wear and tear by getting rid of mold, algae, chalk, insects, weeds, and more. Such build-up will over time cause damage to wood and masonry, and degrade paints and stains.

And besides aiding in home maintenance, a good power wash will leave your home looking beautiful.

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Exterior Cleaning

Special Event Cleaning

Special Event Cleaning Services

Are you planning to host a special occasion? Maybe it’s a holiday or graduation party, or a baby shower. Major life changes deserve a celebration. You want family, friends, and colleagues to join you in marking the occasion with a memorable event.

Naturally, you’re concerned that your event might be memorable for other reasons. Even if your guests wouldn’t be concerned if the location was spotless, you’d be mortified. So you exhaust yourself cleaning. Or, you take a better approach.

You could call Moma. Trust Moma’s team to get your home to perfection, and impress your friends and family. You can even manage to enjoy the event, instead of stress over what your guests think.

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Car and Garage

Make Your Car Shine, Inside and Out

As with your home, your car is a symbol that you want to show off. So you want to keep it in the best possible condition. Moma’s team offers wash and wax services that will bring out the shine on your car’s exterior. Not only that, but we will detail the car interior as well.

We use the best products to improve and product your car’s shine.

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Car and Garage Cleaning Service

Seasonal Cleaning Services

Seasonal Cleaning Services

Is Your Home Overdue for a Deep Cleaning?

Springtime is a great time to air out a home. Open the windows, and let the breeze refresh the house. Combine that with a deep cleaning to make your home smell great.

Moma’s Cleaning Services can help you with occasional cleanings that go further than your normal routine. We’ll dust and sweep all of those spots that you’ve been missing. We’ll go further, too, and help organize cabinets and rearrange the furniture. You’ll be invigorated by a fresh looking and smelling home!

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