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8 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Cleaning Service

If you're thinking about hiring a commercial cleaning service for your office, store, or other business space, then you want to get the best service out there. The cleanliness of your space can make a huge impact on your workers and your customers and potential customers.

Everyone wants to spend time in environments that are as clean as possible - especially in the time of COVID-19. These days, cleanliness isn't just about aesthetics, but it's important to our health as well.

It's often said that visitors won't notice if your space is clean, but they will certainly notice if it is dirty, and that impression will stick with them for a long while. You never want your company to leave a bad impression, so it's crucial that the commercial cleaning service you hire is dependable and is excellent at what they do.

Read on to learn everything you should know and consider when hiring a commercial cleaning service. 

1. Do Your Research

The first step in finding a reliable and reputable commercial cleaning service is to find a few to consider. If you know other business owners in your area, you might consider asking them for recommendations. On the other hand, if you don't have anyone to ask, you can look online to find a few local companies in your area. Take time to read reviews to see if a company is well-reviewed by others.  Once you've narrowed down the field a bit, you can make a shortlist of companies to call or meet with and to investigate further.

2. Ask for References

References and reviews can be a big help in your search. Any company you contact should be more than happy and able to share some of their references with you. These often come in the form of testimonials but don't be afraid to contact the sources of these references directly to ask for personal recommendations. If people are happy with their commercial cleaning service, they won't mind taking a few moments to confirm that fact to you.

3. Confirm Liability Insurance

Because the workers from the cleaning service you choose will be working on your property, it's crucial that you confirm that the company has insurance. If someone gets hurt on the job, you don't want to be the person or company that is liable. Furthermore, make sure they are a legitimate business and verify their business license as well. 

4. Find Out Their Approach to Cleaning 

Every company approaches cleaning a little differently and may have different inclusions and exclusions. Be sure to discuss the cleaning process with the company before you begin and make sure you are both on the same page about what is expected. Many commercial cleaning companies provide checklists for their employees to use to make sure nothing is missed and these can be shared with you. 

5. Are Eco-Friendly Products Used?

In this day and age, many people are sensitive to chemicals and we should all be careful when it comes to choosing products that are friendly to the environment, as well. Any prospective cleaners with which you meet should be able to share a list of cleaning products with you and should be able to tell you about the ingredients and toxicity of each. If you want an entirely green clean, then one should be offered to you.

6. Determine the Best Communication Methods

Most commercial cleaners come to do their jobs at night when no one else is in your space. This allows them to do a thorough job without getting in the way of your workers and customers, but it can make communication challenging. When interviewing potential commercial cleaning services, you should discuss the ways that you will communicate with one another. If you have an issue, who should you call to get it resolved? Is it best to contact the company by email or by phone?

7. Discuss Scheduling

Another important factor to consider when choosing a commercial cleaning service is scheduling. If you need to use your office at night for a meeting or other event, will rescheduling the cleaning be simple? If you need an extra cleaning visit to impress out-of-town partners or visitors, can that be worked in? Any company that is well-respected in the industry should have no problem shifting things around to meet your needs.

8. Cleaning in the Time of COVID-19

This year we all learned a lot about the importance of disinfection and sterilization when it comes to fighting the spread of viruses in shared spaces. Commercial cleaning services should know more about this topic than anyone. When meeting with potential cleaning services, they should be excited to tell you about the exact methods they will use to keep your employee, visitors, and customers safe and healthy now and in the future. 

Any commercial cleaning service should express dedication to keeping common, high traffic areas clean and germ-free. They should be using special equipment, protective gear, and cleaning solutions to ensure that viruses and bacteria are eliminated from your office or other business.

Gone are the days of cleaning services that just empty wastebasket and vacuum the floors; today's commercial cleaners should be prepared to wipe down everything including computers, light switches, door handles, windows, vents, and more. You'll know a potential cleaner is a good choice when all of these things are mentioned before you even have time to bring them up.

Find the Best Commercial Cleaning Service for You

In the end, the best commercial cleaning service for your business is the one that can answer all of the above questions in a way that is meaningful to you. The best fit is the company with which you feel most comfortable and the one that does the best job, time and time again.

If you're looking for the best commercial cleaning service in Philadelphia, you've come to the right place. Moma's Care Cleaning has been serving our area for over twenty-five years. We'd love to meet with you and discuss your needs. We can't wait to hear from you. Contact us today


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